French Classical 6 Globe Gold $8,950.00

Basket Chandelier 5 Globe

The classic basket chandelier is a French inspired style of light, characterised by its waterfall crystal wired strands and large round basket shaped dome base. The frame is a highly polished chrome frame and give extra refraction of light off the clear high quality 30%lead crystals used. These can be a beautiful feature to any room when styled in pairs in the dining room, hall way, kitchen or lounge room.

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We offer FREE delivery within the Sydney CBD to any purchase online!

If you are not located in the Sydney CBD, you are welcome to pick up the product at our Edgecliff showroom. The chandelier will come built, securely filled, wrapped and ready made for transportation in a box. ** Please note, once the light leaves our premises we do not take any responsibility for any damages that may incur during your transportation.

You will need an electrician to install the light and ensure you have a secure fixing point to support the weight of the chandelier you choose.

Additionally we have an 'Assisting Service' which we offer to all clients in NSW, looking for premium care in transportation and installation after purchase.

The Assisting Service consists of two people at $60 per person, per hour to travel on site to your home and assist the electrician in moving and installing the chandelier from truck to ceiling fixed position.

The benefits of using this service is peace of mind that we have the right equipment to transport the delicate nature of our lights, securely and safely. Once the light is fully loaded, unloaded, unwrapped and delicately lifted into the ceiling but our trained staff, we will then give the chandelier a light polish and straightening of any crystals to insure it sits immaculately in its space.